Interview with Holly, a Grace Lutheran Parent, about her experience at Grace Lutheran School.

What can I say about Grace Lutheran? Grace Lutheran is a school that has welcomed me and my children with open arms. When my family and I decided to move to Conroe from Houston I automatically started looking for school for my two girls. They were 4 and 2 at the time. My 2 year old had been at home with me since birth since she was born a few months before Covid shut the world down. I was due to return back to work in March but went strictly remote. My 4 year old had been in school since she was 18 months old so my concern was about my standoffish 2 year old since she had not been as exposed as my oldest.

When I first called, I spoke with a lady named Lauren who is no longer there and I asked about availability and scheduled a tour. When we arrived, I was greeted by Lauren and my now bestie Karen who was very warm and welcoming. We toured the classes my girls would be in and even got to meet with my youngest teacher.

Overall the visit calmed my nerves and made me feel automatically welcomed. The ladies there really engaged with my children and made them feel safe and comfortable in the short amount of time we were there. Karen, Stacy and all of the teachers that have sat with my children has truly shown love for my children and to me it is very hard to love children that aren’t your own. There have been many times when I have told Karen or Stacy that Adrian or Alex is having a bad day (mostly Adrian) and they will go and check on them during the day. You cant beat that.

Adrian can be a tad bit standoffish and love you one minute and act like she doesn’t know you the next minute but that does not bother the ladies at all. They still show her love and I don’t know if I can get that anywhere else. Alex is now in kindergarten and still talks about her old school and asks if she can go back all the time. It will be one sad day when Adrian moves on to Kindergarten and there no more Grace Lutheran during the school year. Luckily that still offer summer care and we will most definitely be there.

Thank you

K. Steed writes about her daughter Annie who is in Infant II.

Our daughter returned to Grace School after being sick all week. She was so excited to be back at school that she practically ran down the hall on the way to her class. Her teacher heard us coming and came out to greet her. Our daughter screamed and ran to give her a huge hug. It made our hearts so happy to see how much she loves her school and her teachers.

Parent is K. Steed