Welcome to the Two-Year Old Program at Grace Lutheran School of Conroe! Our program is designed for children two years of age and provides a safe and nurturing environment for young learners to grow, explore, and develop their skills.

At Grace Lutheran School, we understand that early childhood education is crucial for a child’s future success, and our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing the best possible care and education for your little ones. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, with activities that promote physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development.

At Grace Lutheran School, we believe that parents play an essential role in their child’s education, and we encourage open communication and partnership between teachers and families. We look forward to working with you and your child as they embark on their exciting learning journey in our Two Year Old Program.


In our Toddler Program, children will engage in a range of activities, including play-based learning, storytime, music, art, and outdoor play. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment where every child feels valued and supported, and our low teacher-to-child ratio ensures that each child receives individualized attention and care.

Grace Lutheran School of Conroe’s Two Year Old Program


The two-year-old children begin their learning using the Abeka Curriculum. Abeka’s preschool curriculum is a Christian curriculum that features a traditional approach to teaching and learning with plenty of hands-on activities. This curriculum turns playtime into learning time, laying a strong academic foundation that prepares each child for the next level of the educational journey. The entire program has been developed from a Christian worldview, planting seeds of faith in children all through the year. It is an age-appropriate curriculum for preschool that takes into consideration the differences in motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Children enjoy a cheerful, large classroom filled with toys and activities appropriate for their age. Each child has a cubby for personal belongings. They enjoy snacks twice a day and recess either outside in the large fenced-in playground or in the full-sized gymnasium. Two-year olds experience Junior Chapel which is held at the school and taught by a staff member.

Grace Lutheran School of Conroe’s Two Year Old


Preschool learning for two-year-olds goes beyond playtime. With Abeka, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts with a Christian Worldview.

  • Their cognitive skills develop as they learn to recognize letters, numbers, colors and shapes

  • Social and emotional development is encouraged through practicing manners and working and playing together.

  • Fine and gross motor skills develop through handwriting, painting and play activities which include music and rhythm.

  • Sensory tables introduce them to elementary science.

  • Their spiritual development continues with the introduction of cause-and-effect concepts in the Bible stories.

The teacher’s weekly lesson plans highlight the concepts to be taught, and your child’s progress is carefully monitored through a developmental checklist. Progress is shared with parents at conferences each semester.