Facility & Grounds

Grace Lutheran School is a large facility with 14 classrooms built around a full-size gymnasium and stage. The light and spacious entry features seasonal displays that serve to enhance activities and curriculum.

• Children will improve motor skills and learn cooperative play in the full-sized gymnasium.

• The Enrichment Room provides a space for experimenting with art or music. Enrichment activities change monthly.

• Each day that weather permits children enjoy the large, fenced-in supervised playground.

• The classrooms are spacious and include a personal cubby for a child’s personal belongings.

Safety & Security

Grace Lutheran School has implemented various security measures to ensure the safety of its students and staff

• A secure electronic keypad entrance and locking deadbolts on classroom doors to prevent unauthorized access

• Closed circuit security cameras to monitor classrooms and common areas

• Security protocols in place in the event of tornado, hurricane, inclement weather, fire or intruder. Each staff member is trained in procedure and practice drills are held several times per year.

• Regularly disinfection and sanitization of play areas and toys